Features of the iShipper App Professional

iShipper Service
  • The core of the Ship Manager Pro is the iShipperDB app, which contains all the functions. It is the brain of the Shipper Pro Suite.
  • The iShipperDB app can only be accessed by the iShip Service, which is an interface and controls all the security functions.
  • The Ship Manager Apps access the iShip Service through API calls.
iShipper App
  • This app takes care of all shipping task for shipping companies.
  • Inventory management
  • Generates bill of ladens and invoices
  • Create and Manage Container folder
  • Employee managements
  • Network System Solutions
SM Web Client App
  • Take your business online, with business mobile presence your customers can make and track their orders from their mobile devices
  • Accept online orders and give estimation
  • Assigned orders for pickup to drivers, and the system will notify the driver.
  • Pickup drivers can log in and see pickup orders assigned to them.
  • Instant notification of new orders and estimate requested
  • Accept Credit and Debit cards (Paypal)
Freight Fowarder App
  • The Freight Forwarder App for the destination, that is the company where the consignees would collect their packages
  • It communicates with the Ship manager app API.
  • Generates cargo manifest report and container information.
  • Generates Invoice and bill of laden
  • Custom Branding

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S.M. Pro. Suite Details

The iShipper Pro Suite

The iShipper Pro Suite has four components parts: The ISMSRV, ISMAPP, ISMFF and ISMWEBAPP.

1. ISMSRV iShipper Service

The iShipper Service is the center heart beat of the the iShipper Pro Suite and contains all the functions that access via API calls.

The ISM Service is installed on a web server.

2. ISMAPP iShipper App

The iShipper App runs on Windows OS platforms, and communicate with the ISM service using API calls.

This app installed on the shipping company's computers and laptops.

3. ISMFF Freight Forwarder App

The Freight Forwarder App runs on Windows OS platforms, and communicate with the ISM service using API calls.

This app installed on the computers of the freight forwarder office where the consignees pickup their package.

4. ISMWEBAPP iShipper Web App

The iShipper Web App is an ASP.NET web application that run on a web server and it also communicate with the ISM service using API calls.

Customers Interacts with your business online mobile presences

Screen Shots

Container files
Container files
Employee Management
Employee Management
Containers folders
Containers folders

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